Lend and Tend – matching garden owners with garden tenders

www.lendandtend.com is a site that matches people who want to tend a garden (or a bit of a garden) with people who own a garden. Obviously, it’s great for those who want to do some veg growing and don’t have the space or find it hard to get an allotment. It’s also great for those that love their garden and for whatever reason can’t look after it like they used to. It’s a great way to build communities and meet people and it’s a great way to get more greenery on our residential streets.

The website has no fees, they run on donations, but the more people that sign up, the more likely that there’ll be lenders and tenders living in close proximity.

I’ve interviewed it’s founder Joyce Veheary on Zoom so she can tell you all about it:  

To help you navigate it – if you don’t have 25mins to listen to the whole thing:

0:11 Introduction to lend and tend – how the website joins lenders who want people who look after their garden to tenders who have no garden space .

1:18 How lend and tend has reached other countries and how the Netherlands have started their own version of the site called ‘Green Thumbing’

3:06 How the coronavirus and social distancing has affected lending and tending gardens and how we can continue with it safely and keep interested in gardening.

6:01 How a patch match happens. How the whole process starts with an introductory call to get to know each other and talk about what the lender and tender is looking for. This is followed by a meet (each can bring another person for safety). Also, a bit of information about what to expect and other safety aspects.

10:30 How the mutually beneficial exchange generally means that both lenders and tenders keep lines of communication open in order to ensure that a happy relationship is maintained.

12:30 For when minors want to get involved in a patch match.

14:15 How lend and tend came about.

15:03 How produce from the garden is shared.

15:52 The other benefits of lending a garden:

  • The broken window theory and how well tended gardens have an effect on the crime rate.
  • A friendly face and some social interaction for those who are more isolated.
  • Someone to use a garden when the owner is too busy

17:55 How to help if you like the ethos but are not in a position to lend or tend. Donations are welcome. Sharing via social media in order to provide closer lenders and tenders is appreciated. Someone with the technical knowhow to volunteer would also be appreciated.

21:50 Websites to follow and free things to sign up to and a couple of last few bits

So… now you know all about it, please do sign up and / or let other people know too. There are so many benefits to gardening, especially when growing some food. For every plant you grow, that’s carbon dioxide being removed, and oxygen being added to your immediate environment. For every single own grown thing you eat, that’s zero food miles and zero packaging. Think not of just the disposal or recycling of our supermarket packaging, but also the energy required in its manufacturing. That’s also food grown without damage to the environment if you choose not to use pesticides or fertilisers.

2 thoughts on “Lend and Tend – matching garden owners with garden tenders

  1. Hi Angela,
    It’s wonderful of you to get involved! Click on this link: https://www.lendandtend.com/ and scroll down. Under a large purple box on the left that says ‘Garden a problem?’ there is a link that says ‘lend’. If you click on that it should take you to register your details. Good luck! I hope you find a fantastic match. I’ve sent a message to Joyce to keep an eye out for you.


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